Ace Your Next Locum Interview: Tips and Tricks

February 9, 2023  | By dailycare

Getting a locum tenens position can potentially change your life in a very positive way. However, before you get a position like this, you have to interview for it. Acing the interview will start you out on the right path. 

This guide will look at tips and tricks to help you stand out in your next locum tenens interview. Keep reading to discover more!

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Research Your Interviewers

The first step in acing your next locum interview and becoming a locum tenens worker is to know the people interviewing you. This gives you an insight into who they are and how they operate. Having this may give you a clue about how to prepare for the interview as a whole. 

Try to get to know your interviewer. Look them up online and see if you can find anything about them. Specifically, look for anything you share. This could be a great thing to bring up if you went to the same college or university. However, even smaller shared interests help, such as sports or hobbies. Bringing up any of these commonalities puts you and your interviewer at ease and helps the rest of the interview go well. 

You should also understand the company itself. Look up their location, how they operate, the size of their company, and any other details you can think of. Knowing more can never hurt, so the more information you have, the better. 

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Find Out How You Fit the Job

As you research the job you are applying for, it is important to consider how you fit this position. This is one of the most important things to know because it is exactly what your potential employers are looking for. They want to be sure you fit the position before hiring you, and they can’t be sure if you don’t even know. 

Make sure you fit the credentials and have the level of experience the position asks for. If they are looking for specific skills and knowledge, ensure you have this too. 

Then, find ways to fit this information into the interview. Don’t be afraid to bring up your skills and accomplishments; these are what the interviewer is looking for. If you don’t take the time to bring them up, the interviewer won’t be aware of them. 

In addition, don’t forget about soft skills. Most locum tenens positions seek strong communication and problem-solving abilities but may be looking for other specific skills. Take time to write down opportunities in your life where you had a chance to either demonstrate or build these skills. Then, keep these opportunities in mind and mention them when they are discussed in the interview. 

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Ask Questions

Finally, make sure to ask questions during your interview. At some point during the interview, the interviewer will most likely ask if you have any questions. This is your opportunity. The questions you ask can be pre-prepared or about things that came up in the interview, but either way, you should be sure to ask something. 

You can ask questions about your relation to the position itself. Ask if they think you will face any specific challenges in this position or if they think you will excel at any specific aspects. You can also ask general questions about the position. This could include questions about the responsibilities or the locum tenens salary

Doing so will allow you to learn more about the company and the position. There is only so much that researching beforehand can accomplish. So, use this opportunity to ensure that this is the right job for you and that you understand everything. 

Plus, asking questions makes you look better to the interviewer. It shows that you care about the position and are interested in it. 

This is even more true if you ensure that you are asking good questions. Asking something detailed about the company shows that you have researched them on a deeper level than most interviewees. This will separate you from the rest of the pack. 

Don’t Fall For Common Mistakes

There are a few common mistakes present in many locum interviews. Avoiding these will help you overall. 

1. Don’t contradict yourself. 

Make sure you are consistent throughout your interview. The best way to do this is to tell the truth. This is because the truth is easy to remember, while lies will eventually catch up to you. As lying is one of the most serious ways to ruin an interview, this is something to avoid. 

For example, you may state that you are more than willing to work long shifts to seem like a better choice. Yet, later on in the interview, you may indicate that you left your previous position because the hours were too intense. A lie like this will make the interviewer wonder what else you have been lying about. 

2. Keep Your Expectations Realistic

It is important to be excited about a job. However, you shouldn’t make it seem like you are trying to exploit the position itself. Be realistic about what the job can do for you. 

For example, a great feature of locum tenens positions is an improved work/life balance. However, going into an interview and stating that you are looking forward to fully taking advantage of this flexibility by asking for weird hours is not a good look. 

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3. Don’t Force a Fit

You won’t be the right person for every situation. If the job needs you to move places you don’t want to move or involves work you don’t want to do, then that job is not for you. You shouldn’t tell your interviewer that these things will work for you simply to get the job. Otherwise, you will both be disappointed in the long run. 

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Acing Your Next Locum Interview

Getting a great locum tenens position starts with an interview. To ace, this interview, keep the tips in mind and avoid making some of the most common mistakes. If you do so, you can ensure that your interview will go smoothly and, thus, give yourself the best chance of getting the job! 

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