Articles from February, 2023

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Where to Practice: The Top High-Paying States for Doctors

Picking a place to live is always a struggle. However, this is especially true when it comes to doctors. Each state pays doctors differently, and these differences are something that needs to be considered.  The following list takes these considerations into mind. Using Medscape’s “Physician Compensation Report,” this list breaks down the highest-paying states for doctors across the country. Let’s take a look. Related: Locum Tenens Salary: Everything You Need to Know 10. Florida There really is no place quite like Florida. The sunshine, warm weather, and beautiful beaches make it a top destination for many people. These factors have…Read More

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Top Networking Strategies For Healthcare Providers

Networking is a vital skill in any profession. In fact, around 31% of job seekers find their job through professional connections they have made through their network. This makes it an incredibly relevant skill in the healthcare profession.  But how do you network as a healthcare provider? This article will cover some of the top strategies for doing so. After reading, you’ll be ready to start building your own network.  Related: Locum Tenens Salary: Everything You Need to Know Utilize Social Media Social media is an entire world on its own. Typically, it offers little more than a distraction, and…Read More

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Exploring the Benefits of Locum Tenens for Nurse Practitioners

There is a reason many nurse practitioners are thinking about becoming locum tenens nurse practitioners. This unique position has a lot of advantages to it that give it an edge over the traditional pathway.  So, why are people making this choice? What advantages are there to taking a locum tenens position?  This article will explore these questions. By the end of it, you will more fully understand how locum tenens positions are different and how these differences create unique advantages.  Related: Top Digital Health Trends You Will See This Year Demand Is High For Locum Tenens In the job market,…Read More

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Ace Your Next Locum Interview: Tips and Tricks

Getting a locum tenens position can potentially change your life in a very positive way. However, before you get a position like this, you have to interview for it. Acing the interview will start you out on the right path.  This guide will look at tips and tricks to help you stand out in your next locum tenens interview. Keep reading to discover more! Related: Per Diem vs. Locum Tenens: Which One is For You Research Your Interviewers The first step in acing your next locum interview and becoming a locum tenens worker is to know the people interviewing you….Read More